Chris Rock Adam Horovitz Ben Stiller Jimmy Fallon

Interesting celebrity foursome at the Knicks vs. 76ers game Wednesday night -- Chris Rock, Beastie Boys rapper Adam Horovitz, Ben Stiller and Jimmy Fallon.  

Huge stars ... super successful ... and it got us thinking -- who's got the biggest bank account? 

Chris Rock -- movies, syndicated TV show, stand-up ... dude's ballin'

Ad-Rock -- 33 huge years as hip-hop royalty

Ben Stiller -- movies, movies, movies, movies

Jimmy Fallon -- talk show money is no joke

Bottom line ... we don't really know who's got the most cash -- but if they combined forces, they could probably buy a team ... like the 76ers. 

Soooo ... scouting trip?

Source : tmz[dot]com
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