It's Getting Real Up in the Playboy Mansion



Exactly when you thought about the scarring mental pictures of realistic geriatric sex were over, blast - its all up in your face, once more, affability of your most loved ex-Girl Next Door, Holly Madison.

Let your young lady let you know about the unpleasant letters she got from her ex-supervisor/sweetheart or whatever that she got subsequent to leaving the Mansion:

"They were all extremely formal, short letters, and it would normally be because of something I said in the press. At the time I had a TV show ... on, so I was doing a wide range of irregular meetings and they'd ask me my feeling on the new Girls Next Door or who he was dating. On the off chance that I said anything that was marginally not to his preferring he'd send me some criticizing kind of letter."

Odd, isn't that so? What's more, even she - who cases to have persevered through the world's most uncomfortable bashes - thought they were a bit unpleasant:

"There was an extremely dreadful vibe to them. I felt like he was attempting to act like he was my father and like control each move that I made."

So there you have it - the Playboy Mansion is essentially the absolute opposite of "happiest place on earth," Disney World, and on the off chance that you didn't as of now think in this way, look at the bit where Holly discussed elderly masturbation. That ought to pretty much wrap everything up for you.