The Scottish runner-up seems to think that Simon is the smartest person in the world

Susan Boyle and Simon

Susan Boyle used one word to describe Simon Cowell that she's probably one of only a handful people to ever use about the high-waisted super star. She heralded Simon as a "genius".

The 55-year-old singer revealed the music mogul, who discovered her on Britain's Got Talent, chose all of the songs for her new album A Wonderful World and she trusts him completely.

She told Event magazine: "I had a lot of fun making it. Simon picked the songs. I'll always put my trust in Simon, he's a genius.

"I don't see that much of him, but I hear from him a lot.

Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle has heaped praise on Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell points his fingers
Simon was named a genius by SuBo

Although it was claimed last year that Simon was planning to drop her from his Syco label, she said: "All those things were totally untrue and I had had a very successful meeting with [Cowell's] Syco Records."

The album is a collection of covers of famous love songs and Susan is thrilled with the romantic record.

She said: "It's very romantic, isn't it? Especially at the time of year when people are looking for something extra-special. Perfect for a couple who meet for the first time." 'Pregnant' Cheryl confirms she's busy planning her pop career comeback

Simon Cowell and Susan Boyle
Simon found SuBo on Britain's Got Talent
Susan Boyle talks exclusively to the Sunday Mirror about adopting kids
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While Susan says she has never been in love, she revealed she took inspiration from her parents for the music.

She said: "The songs were favourites of my mum and dad."

Susan had a cameo in Ben Stiller's Zoolander 2 and is taking acting lessons in order to land more acting roles.

She said: "Ben Stiller was very clever and very funny. I'm doing improvisation and textual reading, it's about analysing characters and building things up."

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Susan is releasign her new album and it's very romantic
Susan Boyle
Simon Cowell and Susan Boyle
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