Watch: Zoolander and Hansel Talk Political Fashion on ‘SNL’

There’s only one thing hotter than fashion right now, and that’s politics — at least, according to male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson stopped by “Saturday Night Live’s” “Weekend Update” segment as the ridiculously good looking men, giving their opinions on not fashion, but the current political environment, with the “Iowa couscous” having just wrapped up. Unsurprisingly, this confused co-host Colin Jost.

“We’re not here to talk about fashion,” Wilson told him. “We’re here to talk about the one thing everyone wants to hear male models talk about: politics.”

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Of course, the conversation inevitably turned to fashion, with the models commenting on the candidates’ styles. Clinton’s rocking a ’90s look, “which is really hot right now,” Hansel explained. Meanwhile, her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, who made his own elongated appearance on the show that night, dons a style best described as “99 percent off at JCPenney.”

On the GOP side, Zoolander and Hansel were thoroughly confused about the different between Ted Cruz and Tom Cruise, but they love Donald Trump, coining the term “orange mocha crappacino” to describe his puckered lip face.

Zoolander and Hansel will return for more in “Zoolander 2,” which debuts in theaters on Feb. 12.

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