Ben Stiller Introduces the Son of Zoolander

Ben Stiller revealed Derek Zoolander is going to be a dad in Zoolander 2, but apparently Blue Steel isn't genetic.

Kristen Wiig is practically unrecognizable in Zoolander 2

Meet @cyrusarnold. Son of Derek. #Zoolander2

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In a photo the star posted on Instagram, Stiller is serving face in character alongside Sam and Cat alum Cyrus Arnold, who will be playing Derek's son. But it seems Derek's son didn't inherit his father's fashion genes. Arnold, whose character's name hasn't been revealed, is rocking a shaggy bob and looks like he wants to run as far away from the camera as possible.

Are you excited to see Zoolander try to parent? Or are you still more intrigued by why Kristen Wiig looks like this?

Source : tvguide[dot]com
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