Coco Rocha and James Conran her husband are now the parents of a little girl.

Coco Rocha and James Conran her husband are now the parents of a little girl. The 26-year-old Canadian model gave birth to her first child on March 28 announced and the news of his arrival in small Instagram.


"James and I are so proud of our baby into the world to welcome healthy and beautiful girls Ioni James Conran" she wrote next to a photo of her baby. "She is the best of us and quite perfect from head to toe. # BabyConran officiellementioniconran now!"



Baby Ioni made her way into the world on 28 March

New Ioni Instagram account that document already several photos posted its early days, is called. "Before they call me #babyconran Ioni now."

British artist James reflects the enthusiasm of his wife on Twitter, posting a photo of the little family that he and Coco showed gazzingly lovingly to their bundle of joy.

"And two, three!" He labeled the photo. "Coco and I are delighted our sweet little girl, Ioni James Conran. #IoniConran Are Connected."


"Old Just a few hours and I'm already a master of emoting Here I will only 4 of my book :." Doubt, "" boring, "" anticipates "and" fascinated "".

Both Coco and James, who tied the knot in 2010, are clearly infatuated with her newborn daughter.

"Nothing is so surreal and humiliating as looking at the face of your baby," James tweeted. "One thing that I did not think I would be his weekend? A baby manicure small #NailsLikeTalons #IoniConran."

Toronto-born Coco admitted that they do not stop looking at her daughter, wrote: ".!. #IoniConran Grows so quickly, barely a day old and so thoughtful and expressive vibesGigiHadid me here"

Gigi was quickly to new parents send all the best.

"Félicitationscocorochajamesconran !!" tweeted the American model. "So happy for you, and send you all my love to the fam Conran precious!"



Little Ioni is Coco and James' first child together

Coco revealed in February that she and James were expecting a little girl wrote: "So happy to take a look at my little girl this afternoon had !! That's right, is #BabyConran a small mom-and-dad lady could not be happier! ".

Coco led his "best friend" James in the Loire Valley of France, and the couple celebrated their fourth anniversary June 9, 2014.

"I'm not sure I ever without you," she said on her special day. "Please, my life meaningful."